Giulio Gigante

The project arises from the need to document a place that belongs to me, which is in my heart and it is changing over time.

On the one hand, the interventions generated by the men on the environment and on the other are those of nature that constantly tries to recapture places opposing to the action of man. Where does the man stop? Where does nature come?

Landscapes flow with clear traces of the history of the places and evocative details fascinating visual perceptions, amplified by the sometimes veiled and yet constant presence of the sea.

There is a search for unusual ways, yet so apparently commons. Communication can only be as documentary way by using an unusual analog means.

The Italian Abruzzo Adriatic coast is about to be involved in building a new "ecological" way of communication. It will be a new green, environment-friendly, cycling touristic route on the pre-existing territory. Once again the latter will be altered by man. The abandoned railways will disappear and the current landscape will change.

In photography the experiences, feelings, stories and emotions of those who look meet with the choices of the photographer and the magic that suffuses is what happens in each one after watching the picture.

Giulio Gigante


Born in 1966 in Pescara, Italy where he is based, Giulio Gigante is not professional documentary digital and analog photographer and he works as Electronics Engineer in a multinational corporate.

master photographic projects, 2016-2017, alvaro deprit, annalisa d'angelo, pietro masturzo, michela palermo, michele palazzi. meshroom
street photography, pescara, 2016, massimo mastrorillo
documentary landscape, pescara, 2016. alfredo covino
base photography, 2015. stefano lista

La Costruzione di Un Paesaggio - Trieste Photo Days 2017 Festival Internazionale della Fotografia Urbana


Intarget Photolux Award - Lucca, 2017
Territorio, Memoria, Identità - Pescara, 2017
Immo Homines - Pescara, 2015
La Città Nuda - Cagliari, 2014
So Far So Good - Abano Terme, 2014


L'Oeil de La Photographie, 2016
PhotArtMag, 2016


Pescara in Mostra, 2015
So Far So Good, 2014
La Città Nuda, 2014






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